Posted by: guerafontes | October 30, 2014

Lucha Underground

No son horas de estar escribiendo de Lucha Underground porque en verdad debería de dormir, pero igual y necesito un break de los libros. Todo me gusto, creo que un poco mas de lucha y me refiero a la duración. Fueron un poco cortas para mi parecer pero buenas. Lo único que si no me gusto para nada es esa imagen de Sexy Star de representante de las mujeres. No me gusto esa lucha, por mi que no tengan nada de luchas de mujeres. No se trata de capacidad, yo mejor que nadie se que las mejores podemos hacer lo mismo que los hombres. No se trata de eso, a mi no me gusto. Es el piloto y fue bueno, así que los siguientes episodios serán aun mejor.  @guerafontes

It’s not time for me to be writing about #LuchaUnderground since I do need to sleep, but I do need a break from the books. I like everything I saw, it was very well produced. For my taste more wrestling time would had been nice, a little too short for me but good matches. The only negative aspect of it was Sexy Star, I don’t really like those matches but what was terrible was listing to her speak and the stuff she was saying. I understand it all a show, but as a strong Mexican America woman I don’t think she is the embodiment of the representative of strong women. It’s not about the ability of being able to wrestle; as a 9 year Army Veteran I know we are capable for kicking ass. It was the stuff she said, it just didn’t settle with me; not appealing to me. Other than that I liked it, it was different, it was good. It was the pilot so future shows will be exponentially improving.  @guerafontes

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